By Guy Blaise

Love Like the French

The French have a different perspective on romantic relationships and love. American women settle for too little, struggle too much, and tolerate unsatisfying sex too often. It’s time to travel to the most romantic country in the world and discover how to find the love you want!

Meet the Author

Guy Blaise

Guy Blaise is an author and Frenchman currently living in America. He lived in Eastern France and Paris, where he witnessed the dating experiences of the strong women in his family and listened closely to the advice his grandmother routinely gave them about love. After two decades of living in America and struck by the differences between two cultures’ approaches to romance and sex, Guy started writing books offering his insights and started The French Perspective blog.

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“Aimer une personne mais ne pas l’exprimer, c’est comme emballer un cadeau sans le donner.”

– Loving a person but not expressing it is like wrapping a gift without giving it.

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