Say it in French: Spice Up Your Love With These Popular French Romantic Phrases

Love is one of the main reasons Americans start learning French. Among the most popular French words searched on Google “Je t’aime,” “Tu me manques,” and “mon amour” come the first. Learn how to love like the French with these daily expressions for your lover.

Valentine’s Day can be every day of the year…with a little linguistic help.

This video is to teach you how to say it in French to keep the flames alive. In short, romanticism can be replaced quickly by routine. To turn the tide, nothing better than surprising the other in French. Pair this video with my Love Like the French Translation Guide, available when you sign up for my mailing list.


Like we say it in French:

“L’amour est un feu qui vivifie et non une flamme qui dévore.”

(Love is a life-giving fire, not a devouring flame.)

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